One short film about a plastic heart

February 21, 2007

Hi, all. This is girlfriend-and-partner Debbie. I’ll be posting while Shawn is in the hospital, away from his laptop, or otherwise indisposed.

For you visual learners out there, I made a quick little movie demonstrating what will happen during the surgery. The story behind this clip is this: Shawn gave a lecture (or “tech talk”) to his coworkers on the subject of his surgery. His cardiologist, Dr. Liang, was kind enough to lend Shawn a medical model of the human heart for said lecture. As the model sat on our dining room table, I decided to try to explain the surgery with pictures that did not come from Shawn’s torso. I initially made the clip for my family, but then Shawn used it in his lecture, and now it appears here.

Here is the result, using my recently-purchased digital camera and a brand-new YouTube account. Honestly, I thought that the service was only for posting TV clips and embarassing home movies. Turns out that YouTube has a surprising number of videos there about aortic dilation and dissection.


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  1. Sheba Says:

    VERY helpful video! It certainly enabled this visual thinker to grasp what’s going on.

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