Let the healing begin

February 24, 2007

Just a quick note: Today, I could see Shawn’s improvement as the day passed.  He seemed a bit stronger each time I visited him.  The increments were understandably small (this is open heart surgery, after all), but by the end of the day he had been able to sit up for a while and even ate some food.  He was in some pain, of course, but that was remedied with modern analgesics great and small.  There is a chance that he will be out of the ICU tomorrow, but we’ll see how things progress.


2 Responses to “Let the healing begin”

  1. Sheba Najmi Says:

    Do you mean out of the NICU tomorrow? Then he’ll go to the IICU, I take it?

  2. Debbie Says:

    Well, as of tonight he’s still in the NICU, but we’re crossing our fingers that he’ll be able to move to the IICU tomorrow.

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