Improvement continues

February 25, 2007

Another quick update (apologies, tired).  Shawn was in a lot less pain today, although still extremely tired.  He sat up in a chair again and even stood for a couple of minutes, which definitely qualifies as progress.  He’s still in the ICU, waiting for his blood pressure to stabilize before he can be transferred to the intermediate ICU.  This should happen tomorrow, but it seems that we are still subject to larger forces than his or my will, unfortunately, so there are no guarantees.

He had quite a few visitors today, to the point that the  ICU nurse had to kick some of us out– the rule is two visitors in the room, and at one point we had five, so this was understandable.  Still, he was happy to see our friends and was pretty animated while they were there.  He asked me to tell our readers “Hi” and “Thanks.”

That’s all for tonight– it’s dinner and sleep for me, and soon.

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