ICU is history

February 26, 2007

Shawn got out of the ICU this afternoon, and is now in the intermediate ICU.  The visiting hours are more relaxed and he has a private room, plus it shows more progress (e.g. his blood pressure and heart rhythms are normal and stable).  Overally, this is very much an improvement.

He walked today, about 20 yards, which is a great start.  I mean, people had their hands inside his ribcage only three days ago, and now he’s walking.  Modern medicine is just amazing to me sometimes.

He had some more visitors today, which made him happy.  They removed the tube that drained his chest wound, as well as some of the lines for medicines.  He doesn’t seem to be in much pain, just some tightness  in his chest.

I apologize somewhat for the short posts, but my days are very full and I’m doing this at the end.  Now I’m going to eat some dinner and get some sleep.


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  1. Sheba Najmi Says:

    Yay! Glad Shawn’s in the IICU now and doing better! Yes, absolutely amazing that he’s already walking.

    Btw, I think the dates on the posts are off? (It says you’re going to eat dinner, but it’s morning on Monday the 26th…).

  2. Scott Says:

    Go Shawn, go! I came down with a sniffle this weekend, so I decided not to visit. My thoughts are with you both every day though.

  3. Devorah Says:

    I’m so, so, SO, SO glad to hear that Shawn is recovering well and that the surgery went well. My warmest thoughts and loving support go out to you Debbie, Shawn and Shawn’s and your families and friends.

    Please give him a hug from myself and David and one to you too!!

    I will be in the SF area on Friday. Would it be possible for me to come visit Friday morning? I’d have to come early enough to leave by 11am. If I can, can you give me an address and room #? If not, I’ll call the hospital.

    All the best wishes and many hugs,

  4. Debbie Says:

    Hey, Devorah. Thanks for the good wishes, and I’ll pass them on to Shawn! He will probably be out of the hospital by Friday– I’m guessing that he’ll come home on Wednesday, although there is a slight chance of release late tomorrow. I doubt that, but it should happen on Wednesday. Give us a call and we can talk specifics!

  5. Karen Says:

    Hi there I am so happy for you and Shawn, are prayers go out to you all. I am trying to get a hold of how I can e-mail you so I can ask you a few questions our son is 18 and has had 5 open heart surgeries and needs more to stay alive. The next one he needs is to replace a valve but we knew this would happen after some time after he has had the ross when he was 7 years old. We didnt expect to have to have his Aorta repaired due to the Ross, so here we are he has to have a Valve -sparing root replacement soon but this is rare on kids so we DONT know where to go or look it is so hard and I came across this blog you had and couldnt believe it sounded a lot like what our son needs. So was wondering for some input. Can you help !
    God Bless you both hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Karen, I’m sorry to hear that your son requires further surgery. I highly recommend Stanford for the valve-sparing aortic procedure; they are the most experienced center in the U.S. for that type of surgery. You can read more about their work at and contact them here:

    Stanford University Medical Center
    Cardiology Clinic, 2nd Floor of Main Hospital
    Stanford University Center for Marfan Syndrome and Related Aortic Disorders
    300 Pasteur Drive, Room H2157, Stanford, CA 94305-5233
    Phone: (650) 725-8246
    Fax: (650) 724-4034

    Best wishes to your son and your family.

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