Past the roundhouse turn, and into the home stretch

February 27, 2007

Another short update, I’m afraid.  Shawn walked around 4-5 times today, and should be going in for his last scans (from Stanford’s point of view, anyway) tomorrow.  He’s probably leaving the hospital on Wednesday, although there is a slight chance that he’ll be home tomorrow.  From what I understand about the timing of these tests, it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll be done early in the day, so methinks that Wednesday is a better bet.

He’s in good spirits and coping with his recovery with as much good humor and will as possible.  It’s tough– he’s constantly tired and can’t use his arms for much– no pushing himself up out of bed (or chairs), no lifting >5 lbs.  He can’t put any pressure on his sternum right now until the bone heals, and that means no pushing or pulling with his arms.  It’s a whole new world of body awareness for him.


2 Responses to “Past the roundhouse turn, and into the home stretch”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Unbelievable recovery time! Thanks so much for the updates and info. Hope the transition out of the hospital goes well!

  2. Devorah Says:

    It’s so great to read your updates Debbie. Thank you. I”m so glad he’ll be able to go home soon and that he’s walking etc. That would be tough for sure to deal with the physical limitations.

    Please say “hello” for me. My phone # is [removed] and email is [removed]

    If you have time (and if not that’s fine), I’d love to know if Friday would be ok to come visit. If not, that’s of course fine as I’m sure he’ll want to rest and just enjoy being home for awhile.


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