… and fruit flies like a banana

April 5, 2007

Well, today makes it six weeks since Shawn’s surgery. It barely seems possible– the time has been both brief and endless. All of his restrictions regarding lifting heavy things, driving, and standing up in a normal fashion are suddenly gone. Hurray!

Shawn mentioned a while ago that I would follow his post about his average day with something more factual about what actually happens to his time. This is kind of an impossible task, since I’m usually at work all day and have no idea of what he’s actually doing. I call him sometimes at midday, but it’s a single data point and has no explanatory power over the long term.

I suspect that a lot of his time disappears into that series of tubes we like to call the Internets. He’s not into porn, gossip, or pictures of cute animals, so that “largest collection of human knowledge” is actually smaller than we think. He reads the news, which has lately been rather depressing (war, climate change, various constitutional crises). Television is mildly unattractive to him, so that’s not filling his time. Mostly, he walks. He’s been walking to Golden Gate Park a lot, exploring it at a level of detail that only foot traffic allows, and reporting back all of the neat new finds. Old-fashioned carousel? Check. Drum circles at Sharon Meadow? Check. And so on.

A few years ago, I was out of work for some months, and I suddenly had enormous amounts of free time. It’s a shock to the system. I mean, sure, you look for work, but what do you do with the other 14 hours each day? I saw a lot of my time evaporate into the computer (I like cute animals and some gossip), and there was always that great glass eye, television. I managed to catch up on five seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (thank you, FX channel), and I learned about emergency veterinary procedures from Animal Planet. Never got into the Oprah thing, though, nor the various fake courtrooms and chair-throwing shows. I had my limits. At that point, it was necessary to leave the house and find a cafe in which to read. And surf the web.

The one thing I did manage to do, besides come up with a half-baked plan for the next phase of my life, was learn to cook. I literally had all day (minus job hunting and veterinary/vampire-slayer stories) to plan, shop for, and make a meal. A really involved meal, in which new techniques were mastered. I spent hours at it, and became pretty comfortable in the kitchen.

Shawn has expressed some interest in cooking. Now that he can lift things, it’s more of a possibility– frankly, some of our pots and pans weigh more than five pounds even when empty. Or he’ll come up with other ways to fill his time. It’s interesting (to me, at least) how our roles have changed, one staying at home and the other out in the world doing something with a schedule and expectations to fulfill. I’ve seen it from both sides, and it’s difficult for both, I think– to have either a dearth or abundance of time can be problematic.

Happy six weeks, all.


3 Responses to “… and fruit flies like a banana”

  1. Steve Rathmann Says:

    If a picture is worth a thousand words video must be worth, well, more than that:

  2. shebanajmi Says:

    Aha! So that’s how you learned to cook so magnificently! Time very well spent.

    (Not that there’s any pressure on you, Shawn, to turn into a gourmet chef too! So glad you’re allowed to lift and drive now!).

  3. Scott Weaver Says:

    Just stopping by to say congrats. From one AAA survivor to another, I am so happy you went through with the procedure!


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